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A realized dream or the beginning of a dream

Didi Costa, wife of Don Aldo, doctor in pharmacy, graduated in Bologna, Italy, in the oldest university of the world, mother of two children (Michele and Paolo), both electronics engineers with masters, graduated in Miami, living in this small city with the children studying abroad, having free time she dedicated herself to the search of the local crafts (expression of culture), but instead she found amber. She got so passionate that her love became a commercial activity and at the same time was collecting the most important pieces. She was immersed in the charming world and the knowledge of amber: an endless journey, because once immersed in the beauty and the history, she herself became entangled in this fossilized resin, that bewitches and captures so one never dares to leave it.

Dominican people did not give much value to the stone found in creeks and within the earth. In the countryside they used it as a natural pesticide to repel mosquitoes, because of its strong and rough perfume. Nowadays, there is no Dominican woman who does not have amber like jewelry. People from the mines, who commercialized amber, came to Puerto Plata full of merchandise to sell. I began to buy everything and among the pile of amber stones there were others with extremely interesting and truly valuable inclusions, of scientific interest and of aesthetic value.

There was a group of geologists from Germany who along with the Dominicans selected amber in the mines later to study it in the laboratory. From those discoveries emerged the connections with the diverse universities of Europe and soon with the North Americans who studied enclosed insects in amber. The interchange of opinions, diverse theories and stone interchange, created great emotions and a deep knowledge. The collection began by not selling the prettiest pieces and beautiful by my point of view, and simultaneously important for the scientific field. An idea was later born to put in exhibition these pieces so that others enjoyed the discovery of the insects and other inclusions in the resin fossilized by million years.

In 1977, by chance, we bought Villa Bentz, present location of the Museum of the Dominican Amber: transformed dream into reality.
And the preasure amberpieces were never again to be put in a cigarbox...